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Simple tricks that make effective a cure for weight loss

Women know what a weight loss diet means. With the desire to get rid of a few pounds, we bear the unpleasantness of a diet. Here are some tricks to make the weight loss regimen easier.

In addition, all these tips will make the diet less complicated, simpler to follow and, ultimately, more effective.

Tricks in a diet are not words. A study has shown that simple and easy-to-eat diets are more effective than complicated ones, writes Prevention.Photo 3

Use the scale. During a diet, the scale is your friend, not your enemy. The best way is to weigh each day at the same time. This way you can monitor your diet.

Displays a list of permitted and prohibited foods in all visible places. On the refrigerator, on the wardrobe door, in your wallet (to remember what foods are passed to the "forbidden" chapter when you want something). It turned out that displaying the list of permitted foods increases the success of a diet by 33%.

Write in a diary everything you eat. This is one of the best ways to make your diet more effective. You'll know exactly what you ate yesterday or a week ago. Besides, you have an effective control over you. Studies have shown that those who follow a diet that seeks weight loss and that writes everything eating less 10 percent faster!

Drink water. Water is an ideal partner for a simple diet. Besides all the other benefits that water brings, you are starving!

Eat in the morning. Every day, including the weekend. Breakfast simplifies much any diet. In addition, if you have cravings you can not cope with, you can satisfy them in the morning, because the damage to the diet is minimal.

Always keep your apple in the bag, in the drawer of your desk. If you feel the urge to eat, eat an apple!

Plan the menu a week. If you know exactly what you have to eat Thursday at noon, for example, you will not fall prey to temptations.

Simple diet requires you to eat slowly. In this way, every meal will be a joy, and the feeling of hunger between tables can be controlled and overcome more easily.

Five minutes of movement every hour. A very effective trick that increases the efficiency of your diet is to make a little movement every hour. It's simpler than it seems at first glance. Climb two floors on the stairs, go as you speak on the phone or just do a few squabbles.

A day of rest. A trick that can help you have a simple diet is to allow yourself an excess once a week. Studies have shown that those who consciously accept to breach the diet are more rigorous and more careful about the list of permitted and prohibited foods than those who refuse to satisfy their cravings because they are actually cheating more often. Studies have shown that afternoon afternoon is the time when most food excesses are done                                                 

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Simple ways you can cut from the number of calories you consume

1. Replace something

Replacing a glass of whole milk with one with skimmed milk saves 70 calories. Also, a three-egg omelette replaced with one of an egg and two egg whites helps you consume 125 calories less. Also, choose mustard instead of mayonnaise at sandwich or opt for a salad instead of fries (you will save 300 calories).

Also, when you prepare a dessert replaces some of the fat with apple juice. Two tablespoons of oil have 200 calories, while four tablespoons of apple juice have only 40 calories. And you will not feel a difference in the taste of the dessert (you need to put a double quantity of apple juice from the one you cut out of the oil to compensate, so two table spoons are compared).

At the same time, replace at least some sugary sugar juice with water. Two glasses of juice (250 milliliters each) contain about 200 calories.

2. Measure portions and use smaller pots

Just measuring a serving (and respecting it) can help you quit 200 calories. If you eat from a dish containing, for example, two serving meals, because you are used to eating it, you will probably eat more food than you need.

Also, not only measure a serving, but also smaller pots - smaller plates, smaller mugs, etc. People who consume ice cream from larger bowls ate 31% more than those who used smaller bowls, and both groups felt sad.

3. Take a walk at noon

A quick 15-minute walk burns about 100 calories and, during the lunch break, leaves you less time to eat - so you probably will consume fewer calories.

4. Slowly

One study showed that women who chewed at least 20 times before swallowing consumed up to 70 calories less at a meal.

5. Leave a quarter of the food on the plate when you go out to the restaurant

The restaurant gates are up to 25% larger than normal ones, so if you leave a quarter of the food on the plate you can save even 500 calories.

6. Stand more often when you are at work

You can burn up to 500 calories a day simply by choosing to stand longer at work instead of sitting (if work allows, of course). A few physical exercises in the office for five minutes can help you burn about 50 calories.

7. Use a stability ball instead of a seat

When you can choose, stand on a ball of stability instead of a chair - your body will get tighter to ensure balance. You can burn up to 175 calories if you sit on such a ball for four hours.

8. Avoid eating when watching TV

Those who eat when watching TV consume an average of 288 extra calories a day for those who do not have other activity to distract when they eat.

9. Try to do cardio exercises during breaks

If you find it difficult to exercise for half an hour and you do not want to miss a favorite TV show or a favorite series, try to move during advertising breaks. Be careful though to be cardio exercises - such as jumping the rope or running on the lane.

10. Sleep enough

According to studies, people sleeping less than 6 hours per night eat more, with up to 300 extra calories during the day, because sleeplessness triggers the production of hunger - hail.

11. Do not avoid household chores

If you spend two hours doing the vacuum cleaner and cleaning the house you can consume about 400 calories.

12. Dance

Many people are not moving because they do not exercise with pleasure, it sounds like a chore. However, most of these people forget that dance is a form of movement and a much more enjoyable one. You can even dance with your partner or a friend. An hour of dance can help you burn about 440 calories.

Take a bicycle ride or engage in small sports competitions

Also, another nice way to do this is to ride a bicycle (one hour riding a bicycle at a gentle pace, burn about 270 calories) or get involved in various sports competitions (the challenge makes you more effort ).

At the same time, even if you are very busy, at least 15 minutes a day you can "break" to do any physical exercise.